It seems that everyone and their granny have a theory when it comes to the Bermuda Triangle.

Some think it's an alien abduction site, others think the disappearance of boats and planes can be explained by the gulf stream that goes through the Triangle. There's a million and one theories; but no one has actually come up with a substantial reason yet.

Well, until now that is. Norwegian scientists think that they can put all of the other theories to rest as they've found a huge crater off the coast of Norway. They believe the crater has caused huge build-ups, as well as huge blow-outs of methane gas.

A big release of methane gas would reduce water density, which means (theoretically) that the water would no longer have the buoyancy to keep anything floating.

Methane gas is also highly flammable, so it could destroy anything flying overhead, too.

Now, the methane gas theory has been around a while, but with the discovery of the craters left behind because of it – it's a huge breakthrough.

But do you think this is the solid reason? Or are you going to stick with the aliens?