When it comes to festival hairstyles, they've pretty much been done to death. 

From space buns to braids and wavy boho locks, we want to see something outside the norm. 

Luckily, hair artist Janine Ker created some bespoke and blinged out hair looks for Coachella this year, and we're taking our queue from her.


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Festival makeup has long relied on the addition of glitter and gems to make a statement. 

Janine's hair look has adopted the same medium to create intricate and striking styles. 

Do achieve the look, find some crafty gems to apply in an art supply store, or purchase adhesive jewels from Etsy.


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The style needs a flat surface to mount the gems, so it works really well on a day-three-of-the-weekend, slicked back ponytail. 

Apply the gems in a creative pattern of your choosing, to match your festival ensemble.

Feature image credit: Janine Ker / janine_ker_hair