There’s nothing worse than trying to slip into your Saturday night dress when a bloated tummy has you feeling far from sexy. Sometimes stomach bloating can be caused by having just eaten a big meal, but often the reason might be a little harder to figure out – water retention, bad digestion or dehydration.

Here are our tips for getting rid of pesky bloating…

1. Avoid the couch straight after dinner
If you often feel gassy or too full after a meal, avoid throwing yourself on the coach as soon as you’ve finished eating. A brisk walk, even for 15 minutes, helps the food to move through your system more easily.

2. Drink lots of water – but not all at once!
Water is key for ensuring your food is well digested, but too much at once can leave your stomach feeling uncomfortably full, especially before exercise. Try to drink a full glass of water around 1 -2 hours before your workout, so that your body has time to hydrate.

3. Go bananas
One banana per day contains enough potassium to significantly reduce bloating. Slice one up on your morning cereal, or eat one as a snack later in the day. Easy!

4. Keep carbs for lunchtime
Eating excess carbohydrates in the evening is a sure fire way to leave you feeling sluggish. If you have a night out or event planned and don’t want a bloated stomach, avoid starchy foods after lunchtime.

5. Make room for probiotics
Probiotics are “good bacteria” that can improve digestive health. Look for yoghurts or yoghurt drinks containing these friendly bacteria for a tasty way to help bloating.