So, we're going to be honest here.

Given our various clean-eating resolutions for the year ahead, the only appliance we envisioned ourselves buying over the next 12 months was a blender to nuke anything and everything green and leafy.

And just 23 days into the New Year, we can safely say that that dream has now died after laying eyes on the Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill.

Brought to us by Nostalgia Electronics, this vertical grill allows us to cook six pieces of bacon at a time while its design forces the drainage of fat. (Clean eating, check.)

The good folk behind the wonder gadget speak to our inner hungover selves when they assure us that the "unique patent pending easy-clean doors make flat, crispy bacon that doesn't shrivel."

So if crispy bacon is your only lad after a night on the gin, you can get your hands on this gizmo for €39.99.