Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields recently welcomed their third child into the world and she's absolutely adorable.

Little Coco has been “the most chill baby”, said Robbie, and her siblings love having a baby sister around.

At first, they were worried how their two kids, six-year-old Teddy and three-year-old Charlie, would adjust to the new addition.

But their concerns soon faded when their children showed how much they enjoyed spending time with the darling baby.


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Teddy has formed a special attachment with her little sister, taking care of her as often as she can.

One of the six-year-old’s favourite activities is pretending to be Coco’s mother.

“Teddy wants to feed her all the time and cuddle her all the time, and we keep waiting for her to be a nightmare,” Robbie told The Mirror.

“But so far she hasn't done anything other than sleep, drink and occasionally smile and then get confused about what she’s doing.”

“All she’s up to right now is being adorable and not giving us any hassle whatsoever.”


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It is sweet to see Teddy so concerned for her baby sister, and she is loving the precious bond that has began to form between the two.

There is nothing stronger than sisterhood, and we’re glad to see that Teddy and Coco get to cherish their relationship far into the future.