If we thought Tyra Banks’ infamous and epic meltdown on America’s Next Top Model was bad, we can’t imagine how angry she is after learning that she is being sued by a former contestant.

Aspiring model Angelea Preston has reportedly brought a legal case against Tyra, who is also the executive producer on the show, on grounds of a breach-of-contract after her disqualification from the show.

Preston made it to the final three in the All-Stars cycle of the show, alongside Allison Harvard and eventual winner Lisa D’Amato, but was kicked off the show when producers learned of her secret past as an escort.

Now, Preston is suing Banks for a cool $3 million, claiming that she was unfairly denied the prize money and accompanying career opportunities that may have come from staying in the final.

Explaining Preston’s disqualification at the time, show judge Nigel Barker said: “It turns out our production team and the network (The CW) learned information from Angelea that disqualifies her from the competition.”

Tyra has yet to comment on Preston’s legal action, but we bet that you, like us, are picturing her epic angry face right now!