Naps are deadly and coffee is possibly the best thing on earth, so why has nobody ever thought about mixing the two together?

Now, we're not talking about someone injecting you with coffee while you sleep, but as it turns out having a cup of coffee before taking a short nap does something wonderful to your alertness.

According to Vox, because caffeine takes 10-20 minutes to hit your blood stream (and for you to feel the kick) you can actually take a short nap which leaves you feeling a lot more energised.

The key is to get the caffeine into your body quickly. Having a latte won't do as it takes a while to cool down and for you to sip away; but an iced coffee or an espresso is ideal.

When you finish your coffee, set your alarm for 20 minutes max. You don't want to totally fall into a slumber you can't get out of. Even if you don't fully fall asleep, the rest will still bring your energy levels up and it's better than drinking coffee alone.

Now, go show this to your boss and protest for a nap room.