No matter how often we hear of the benefits of a healthy eating plan, there are few among us who don’t, on some level, associate the lifestyle choice with restriction, boredom and deprivation.

Even the most dedicated health and fitness bunny will admit that despite oodles of self-discipline and tonnes of willpower, there comes a point when they teeter perilously close to the edge of the wagon, before regaining their momentum.

And with that narrative at the forefront of our minds, it’s no surprise that our perception of healthy eating is somewhat skewed, and often conjures images of self-induced deprivation.

However, realising it doesn’t have to be this way is the first step on the road to a healthier lifestyle, while schooling yourself on the food ranges which cater to your needs is all the ammo you need to feel great!

Here are just seven reasons why healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring…

1. Discover new foods

If there’s one thing we love in life, it’s discovering new foods. And a healthy eating regime is a prime opportunity to just do that.

Weaning yourself away from your standard grocery list, and introducing new and exciting flavours is all part of the process, and it ensures you won’t feel deprived in any way as you get used to your new lifestyle choice.

Believe us, there will come a point when you’ll find yourself stunned that you lived without certain ingredients for so long.

2. Create new recipes

In addition to introducing yourself to new ingredients, you’ll find yourself encouraged to create new recipes, and that is a guaranteed way to stave off boredom.

Knowing that you can create super-healthy dishes which you will genuinely find tasty means it’s unlikely you’ll fall off the wagon any time soon.

Remember, hearty meals are just as easy to create with healthy ingredients, so there is no need to assume dinner-time will take a hit.

3. School yourself

So many of your favourite brands cater to your needs, and it’s just a case of schooling yourself on which ones!

Why not tuck into guilt-free treats like Activia’s No Added Sugar range which has just hit the shelves?

It’s perfect for budding health-focussed foodies as It contains the same great Activia taste you know and love, but now it’s even better for you… and your new goals!

4. Eat little and often

Healthy eating has not, and never will be, synonymous with deprivation, so the sooner we all internalise that, the better!

Snacking is a major part of ensuring your metabolism stays ticking over, and if you’re going to be doing it as often as you should, it’s vital you get creative with your choice!

Colourful snacks are appealing to the eye, so mix fresh berries with yogurt or snack on nuts if you’re on the go.

5. Maintain a balance

A surefire way to get bored of your healthier lifestyle is to tell yourself that certain things are totally off-limits.

Our grandmothers were right when they said ‘everything in moderation’, and it’s important you adhere to this rule when it comes to your own plan.

There’s nothing you cannot have as long as you have it in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

6. Get Insta-happy

Why not document your new journey with the help of your Instagram account?

Photographing the meals you create and the snacks you opt for will ensure you stay enthusiastic about your new choices.

And as the likes roll in and the new followers start engaging, you’ll be even more determined to stay on track!

7. Enlist the support of a pal

Everything is more fun when a friend is involved, right?

Why not choose the same ingredients as your mate and challenge each other to a cook-off?

The person who comes up with the most creative (and tastiest) dish wins.