Lady GaGa has proven in the past she doesn’t hold back when it comes to her raunchy dancing and it seems her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney is no exception.

The 28-year-old singer decided to give the 32-year-old actor a lap dance at 42West.

Those attending the nightclub said the singer took on a stripper persona at the nightclub: “…and put on a show for him. She was doing a serious lap dance and they started making out.”

The singer who performed for her fans at the club, of course at her boyfriend in her sights and began gyrating around Kinney’s seat.

But it seems Taylor enjoyed the dance as he slapped her bum and they of course began to make out.

Taylor was overheard commenting on his girlfriend’s performance to a guest: “I am the fire that stokes her imagination, and I’m happy to be that. We are all the fire that stoke her.”