Superstar’s boyfriend welcomes a baby…but not with her!


Katy Perry’s boyfriend Diplo is a dad again!

The musician has welcomed a son, Lazer, with his ex partner, Kathryn Lockhart it has been confirmed.

Lazer is the second son for the former couple, who are also parents to four-year-old Lockett. 

Katy and Diplo began dating in May of this year, when Kathryn was two months pregnant.

Things have started to take a bit of a downhill turn for the star however, after he took on Taylor Swift – and the world reacted badly. Obviously, it’s Taylor Swift!

Diplo took things a bit too far when he accused the singer of having no “booty” and has now hit back at Lorde who jumped in to defend her friend, accusing Diplo of having a tiny d**k.

Katy’s boyfriend tweeted: “When I’m not being bodyshamed by a teenager we are collaborating on cool music.”

Sorry, did he just say HE was being bodyshamed?!

We think this whole thing may have started with you Diplo – don’t give it if you can’t take it!

Even Russell Brand was better than this guy…come on Katy!