Supermarkets are the hottest new place to pick up a date


A new study has found that supermarkets are now the best place to snag your dream man!

According to the survey, one in eight (13 per cent) shoppers admitting to swapping numbers with a fellow trolley-pusher.

Six per cent have dated someone they met in the supermarket, and two per cent of those questioned said they had married someone they met at the supermarket!

It seems we can pick up a lot of clues about someone’s personality from what they have in their shopping basket.

Nearly two thirds (63 per cent) admitted they would be more attracted to someone if they shared similar shopping and eating habits.

According to data revealed by Shopitize app, 6.38pm is the best time to bag a beau with most singles hitting the shopping aisles in the early evening.

Psychologist Dr David Holme said, “Lust-fuelled moments in darkened clubs and bars are the worst times to be selecting a partner for life.

“In contrast, in the clear light of the supermarket aisle, the contents of our trolley will say more about our personalities and habits than interrogation by a dating website.”

Trolleys at the ready ladies!