Submarining: Another awful dating trend you need to look out for

As if the world of modern dating wasn't complicated enough, it seems our potential suitors have come up with a new express their disinterest – and no, it's not being open and honest (shocker).

Ghosting, gatsbying, stashing – the list goes on. 

And now, let us introduce another trend on the dating scene, 'submarining'.

According to, the new phenomenon is a close relative of zombieing – the act of going AWOL on a potential love interest only to return months later with a rather pathetic 'Hey, sorry it's been a while. How've you been?' message.

Of course, their lacklustre excuse is not worth an response, but hey, at least you got an apology.

A submarine victim would never be so lucky.

After months of zero contact, your former flame will once again slide into your DMs without ever acknowledging their extended absence.

No 'I've been really bust with work', no 'I've had a lot on plate these past few months,' in fact, they'll have no shame whatsoever.

Not only is it pretty presumptuous of them to expect you're still interested after all this time, but above all else, it's just plain rude.

And while it might be tempting to let the past go, we'd recommend you do quite the opposite. If you don't, you risk setting yourself up for another let down, and let's face it, calling someone out on their BS can be pretty cathartic.