Study: Drinking alcohol during pregnancy leads to low birth weight

A new study has found that drinking during pregnancy can lead to low birth rate and poor cognitive function. 

Researchers are warning expectant-mums about the dangers of consuming alcohol during their pregnancy as it can have a devastating impact on your baby.

The team at the University of Bristol revealed that babies born to mums who drank during pregnancy were notably smaller. A low birthweight can often lead to problems in later life, the team warned.

The team analysed 23 published studies on drinking when pregnant which led them to the concerning results. 

Experts have stressed that women should avoid all alcohol when they’re pregnant, but many continue to drink during their pregnancy. 

Speaking about the major results, Dr Luisa Zuccolo of the University of Bristol commented: “The body of evidence for the harm that alcohol can do to children before they are born is growing, and our review is the first to look at the full range of studies on the issue.

“Our work confirms the current scientific consensus: that consuming alcohol during pregnancy can affect one's child's cognitive abilities later in life, including their education. It might also lead to lower birth weight,” he shared.

There is no safe level for drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The best thing to do is avoid alcohol for your entire pregnancy.