Stuck for date ideas?


Dinner, movie, dinner, movie, long walk on the beach (who actually does that?), dinner and then a movie again – is this your dating life?

We were bored just writing that, so we picked our five favourite alternative dates for you can try out.

1. Drive-in cinema
Ok so technically this is only available in Cork, but hey, it’s a small island – road trip!

2. Mini-golf
Available indoors or outdoors (for those two days of sun in July), you’ll have hours of fun challenging your date in mini-golf.

3. Hiking
There are countless beautiful walks in the countryside, so let’s get out there and stretch the legs, get rid of the phone and really get to know each other. You should probably save this one for when you’ve known the person for a while. Blind date in a forest? No thanks!

4. Snowboarding
Snowboarding? In Ireland? Get out of it. But yes, really in Ireland. Check out and for more details.

5. Cookery Classes
What could be more romantic than a candlelit dinner that you made yourself? Even better, it won’t be fish fingers and waffles and you won’t burn it because there is adult supervision in the shape of your chef teacher, yay!