Stop everything! There’s a Grumpy Cat movie on the way!


We can’t believe it – there is a Grumpy Cat movie on the way, and it’s coming out for Christmas!

What’s even better is that it’s not the kind of film you’d expect from an Internet meme sensation (i.e. totally ridiculous and over the top). It actually sounds good, and it even attempts to teach us some morals – like a proper Christmas feel-good flick!

The story is about how Grumpy Cat started out as a happy cat, but after spending most of her life in a pet shop, she grows grumpier each day.

However, when Chrystal comes along and realises she can hear Grumpy Cat talk, both their lives are transformed.

We imagine this will be funny as well as heart-warming. The perfect Christmas combination! And Lifetime have even released the first photo from the film – so exciting!