Dr Tony Holohan urges the public to stop having house parties

Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan has urged the public not to host or attend house parties as Ireland prepares to enter Phase 2.

Despite the fact that cases of COVID-19 have decreased, it is still here. The virus hasn’t magically vanished into thin air. People are still suffering from this virus and the danger of spreading and contracting COVID-19 is still there.

We need to continue practicing social distancing and following the measures put in place to protect our country and our people from COVID-19.

During yesterday’s press briefing, Dr Holohan stressed that now is not the time to have gatherings at home.


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You can meet up to 4 people from other households outside once you practice social distancing, but people are clearly ignoring the restrictions.

“We all know from our personal lives, house parties are being organised with abandon, it seems to me, as though we weren’t in the midst of a pandemic,” he said.

“If you see a crowd, stay away. If you’re invited to something which is crowded, stay away. If you’re invited to something that you know is not in keeping with the public health advice, stay away.”

He continued, “I just have two messages. One is to people who are organising these events, that’s one thing. But then there are also people who voluntarily attend them and you can choose not to.

"We’re really not at the point now where we think that house parties and gathering indoors is appropriate.”