Star is the target of terrifying rape and death threats


Police are currently investigating terrifying threats made against Paris Hilton and her father, Rick.

The heiress to the Hilton Hotels, who is currently experiencing success as a DJ, has been subjected to frightening online harassment which include rape and death threats.

The perpetrator appears to mistakenly believe the 33-year-old star and her famous family are Jewish, and posts vile anti-Semitic remarks on social media aimed at the Hilton family. However, there is little doubt that the former Simple Life star is the main target.

Paris has had to deal with horrifying posts which encourage people to sexually assault her, with one remark saying: “Invite Paris to the match so we can gang rape her.” Another threat included the cruel taunt “One month and she’s dead. She’s never coming home.”

It has been reported that law enforcement officials in the States know the identity of the star’s harasser, but will be unable to make an arrest until verification via Facebook and Instagram has been confirmed.

We hope the situation is speedily rectified and Paris can move on from these very frightening events.