Star being sued after making diva demands


Oh dear, it has not been a good week for Taylor Swift.

First, the singer became the latest victim of the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, and now she’s reportedly being sued.

According to TMZ, Taylor’s company is being sued by a chauffeur service after they supposedly backed out of a pre-arranged deal to take the 22 singer around New York during the summer.

The company suing claim that the deal involved them having to lease two brand new cars especially for Taylor, leaving them out-of-pocket when her people backed out of the deal three weeks later.

Details of the action against Taylor reveals that her security team had planned every part of the deal down to the very last detail – including when the driver could and couldn’t speak to the singer!

We’ve never had Taylor down for a demanding diva, so we’re sure there was a perfectly good explanation behind the legal action.

This latest report tops off what has been a bad week for the 24-year-old, who has been dragged into the notorious nude photo hacking debacle. A topless photo, allegedly of the singer, appeared on the 4Chan website on Sunday but was removed shortly after.

Taylor has always set a good example for her fans, so we hope she’s doing okay!