Bad news for Taylor Swift as shocking photos emerge


Now this we did not see coming…

Taylor Swift has reportedly become the latest star targeted by the nude hacking scandal.

Although the Shake It Off singer had appeared on a list of celebrities the hackers supposedly have nude photos of, as of yet Taylor’s had not appeared anywhere, until now.

The topless photo, allegedly of the 24-year-old pop singer appeared on 4Chan on Sunday but was reportedly deleted soon after.

Taylor wasn’t the only surprising name to come up in this batch of photos as Anna Kendrick also appeared, though it has been said she was not actually nude in any of the photos posted.

We’re sure her brother will be relieved to hear that after she posted a message he sent her when the hacking scandal broke back in August!

It’s such a shame for any of these women to have such personal photos shared and we’re sure Taylor will be doing anything in her power to get justice.