Stacey Solomon shares stunning bump photos taken by her dad


Pregnant Stacey Solomon is about to become a mum-of-four with her due date just around the corner. To celebrate what will most likely be her last pregnancy, the Loose Women presenter decided to do an impromptu pregnancy photo shoot with her talented dad behind the camera.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday evening, the 31-year-old mum showed off some absolutely stunning bump photos, as she takes in “every last second” of this exciting pregnancy.

“Thanks you dad for helping me make special memories tonight,” Stacey lovingly wrote in the caption, alongside four gorgeous snaps from the shoot in which the mum-to-be poses in her luscious garden, with her bare bump on display.

“I wish I’d done this every time but I’m so glad we did it this time, our last time,” Stacey explained, adding, “So grateful for the chance to grow you little one now we can’t wait to meet you.”


Stating that the pics are completely untouched and unedited, Stacey joked, “So if you see some knickers sorry. They really are inconvenient knickers aren’t they?”

Stacey and her fiancé Joe Swash are expecting their second child together, and their first baby girl. The pair are already loving parents to their two-year-old son Rex, with each of them having children from previous relationships.


Stacey is a mum to her sons, 13-year-old Zahary and nine-year-old Leighton, while Joe is already a father to his 14-year-old son Harry.

Taking to Instagram just last week, Stacey shared a sweet bump-date revealing that she was 37-weeks pregnant, with her due date only a few short weeks away.

“37 [weeks] with our little ball of heaven,” Stacey wrote in the caption, adding, “We can’t wait to meet you soon little one… And bring you home to pickle cottage.”