Stacey Solomon shares emotional meaning behind new puppy’s name


Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash’s family life at Pickle Cottage just got a little bit busier with the recent addition of their adorable new puppy, Teddy.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday evening, Stacey explained how they came up with the name Teddy, and it turns out that the special meaning is a lot more heartfelt than we thought!

Answering some fan questions about the family’s new furry friend, Stacey said, “We called him Teddy because Teddy can be short for ‘Theodore’. So we thought it was a special tribute to Theo,” referring to her beloved dog who passed away shortly after Christmas.


Going on to answer more fan questions, Stacey explained that Teddy is a six month old working cocker spaniel. She notes that they didn’t exactly pick him out at a dog shelter or online, instead they told the dog adoption people that they would “take any dog suitable for young children and another dog.”

“We didn’t mind what breed, colour, coat, anything, as long as he would be happy and it was right. And along came Teddy!” Stacey gleefully added.

Introducing Teddy to her 4.9M Instagram followers on Monday evening, Stacey emotionally wrote, “Welcome Home Teddy. Last night we rescued a dog. But today I’m not sure who has rescued who.”


“We miss you so much Theo. I hope you’re looking down from heaven smiling, knowing that peanut will no longer be so very lonely and that a doggy who really needed a family now has one,” she lovingly added.

Most recently Stacey has been kept busy transforming the old pool table room at Pickle Cottage — or the 'Cluedo Room' as Stacey calls it — into a stylish games room for Joe’s upcoming birthday this Thursday, taking her followers along on the renovating process every step of the way.

Between babies, birthdays, puppies and DIY projects, there’s no doubt that Stacey’s certainly got her hands full!