Stacey Solomon rushes son Rex to hospital to get stitched up


Loose Women presenter Stacey Solomon was fairly silent on social media yesterday evening and now we know why. 

The mum-of-three spent her Sunday night in A&E with her two-year-old son, Rex, who needed to get stitched up after a nasty fall in their garden.

Taking to her Instagram Stories this morning, the 31-year-old explained, “We had a nightmare yesterday. Rex fell over in the garden yesterday, and we were like ‘up you get’, and then we looked and it was not an ‘up you get’ situation!”

“He hurt his lip, so we took him into A&E and he got butterfly strips put on,” Stacey recalled, adding that she’s going to be going back to the hospital with little Rex today to get “proper stitches because it’s in a really awkward place.”

“But he was so good, he didn’t make a sound,” Stacey exclaimed, proud of how strong her little boy was throughout the whole ordeal. Apparently, the same couldn’t be said for her fiancé Joe Swash though…

“Joe on the other hand… was a mess, bless him,” Stacey hilariously recalled, before saying that “Rex was happy as Larry and Joe just does not do well when the boys fall over…”

Joe, who was sitting beside Stacey while she was talking to the camera, said, “honestly when the kids are hurt…”

“He had to leave the room and [Rex] wasn’t even crying!” Stacey explained, joking that she’ll be looking after Joe for the rest of the day today probably more than Rex.

Reassuring her four million Instagram followers, Stacey wrote, “Luckily everything is absolutely fine. Rex is ok and smiley as ever this morning. I’m nervous for today but I know he will be a little star and I will be there the whole time and we will send daddy off to get supplies.”