Stacey Solomon responds to cruel trolls in the BEST way possible


Mum-of-three Stacey Solomon has become somewhat of a social media sensation in recent years. Everyday Stacey shares an inside look at what her day-to-day life is really like via her Instagram Stories, which are viewed by her four million Instagram followers.

However, as it turns out, you simply can’t please everyone, as is certainly the case with Stacey. Taking to her Instagram Stories on Thursday, the Loose Women presenter shared quite a brutal private message which she received from one of her followers.

“I LOOOOOOVE watching you so much EVERYDAY you really do boost my confidence just by looking at your humongous teeth, your ugly faces you make constantly and not forgetting the highly irritating personality you have yourself,” the cruel troll wrote.

The person then went on to reiterate how “annoying” both Stacey and her fiancé Joe Swash are, and how they “need to get a life and stop doing sh*t like dancing while cleaning and your stupid craft projects.”

Not one to let other people’s opinions get her down, Stacey said that this lengthy message actually “cracked” her up.

She then proceeded to share the best response anyone could ever have after receiving a message like this, and shared a hilarious video of herself dancing to her heart’s content, surrounded by the things she loves, including her assortment of fake plants and her hoover, proving that no amount of hate is going to get her down.

“Couldn’t resist. I know how much that person loves these. And bringing happiness to even the meanest souls is important,” Stacey wrote at the start of her iconic dance video, as Gloria Gaynor’s I am who I am song played in the background.

“Happy Thursday everyone. No one can make you feel anything without your permission. Don’t give them your permission,” Stacey added at the end of the video, while she was beaming from ear to ear and showing off her best dance moves, while swinging around her vacuum cleaner.

You tell ‘em Stacey!