Social media has the best reaction to star’s beauty disaster


She has always been very forthcoming when it comes to the more intimate details of her life, from plastic surgery to cheating scandals, so there was no chance that Katie Price was going to hold back now.

The reality star and former glamour model took to her social media this week to share a photo of the results of her latest fake tan session, and it has spawned some pretty hilarious responses from her followers.

True to form, Katie posted the photo of herself looking exceptionally well bronzed, with the caption reading: "Woops, my fake tan sure is working."

Her followers then responded with some choice tweets and words of pure comedy gold.

While one compared her to "burnt toast", another drew comparison between her and a "bourbon biscuit".

In one of our favourite reactions, one follower tweeted: "I think you should go darker, that's too light!"

We would think that Katie is a total tanning pro by now, and has emerged with the perfect all-over glow, but her post certainly has made our weekend!