So Tinder now wants to CHOOSE your profile picture for you

We all know the deal when choosing a Tinder profile picture – we have no actual idea what will work.

Should it be a selfie or is that too vain? An outdoor photo to show your adventurous side? Or a pic in a nightclub..? It's a minefield.

But now, you might not need to worry about it anymore because Tinder is going to choose it for you.

The dating app is offering users a little help when it comes to picking your picture, and it claims to "maximise your match potential."

The feature is called Smart Photos, and it basically tests out the photos you upload on the app.

It changes your profile pic for different users, and then monitors the response each photo is getting, and re-orders them so you have the best one on the top of your pile.

All those hours spent taking selfies for nothing, eh?