So this is definitely the greatest thing ever

Remember when you were a kid and really needed to know the ins and outs of the Easter Bunny's life, but were too scared to ask?

Yeah, us too.

Well, here's one seven-year-old who's definitely not afraid to ask the hard questions.

After declaring their love for the cute, furry rabbit that showers us with chocolate on one Sunday a year, this little kid decided to get straight down to business.

In a bid to find out what exactly was going on with everyone's favourite bunny, this child, who undoubtedly has a future in journalism, delved straight in and asked: "Did you and tooth fairy have babys (sic)?"

The super-cute questionaire has found its way onto Twitter and the public just can't get enough of it, with one user demanding to know more and writing: "Give us the goss on the tooth fairy. My jaw just hit the floor."

More on the Easter Bunny's love life as and when.