So Kylie’s Christmas was every bit as outrageous as you imagined


Look, we absolutely recognise that celebrity-types have rather different Christmas Days than the rest of us. 

From ridiculous gifts to increasingly outrageous selfies (we're looking at you, Mariah) – we're hazarding a guess they probably don't end up lounging around in their jim-jams scoffing the end of a Roses tin while shouting at the television. 


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Still, even we were taken aback at just how completely OTT Kylie Jenner's Yuletide celebrations were. 

From ponies, and puppies, to cars and furs – if you're a teenage multi-millionaire, a social media queen, and a cosmetics entrepreneur your festive season is as bling as they come.

Here's a round-up of what Kylie gave and received:


1. She gave a pony to her boyfriend Tyga's four year old son, King:


2. She gave an all-white puppy to her model sister, Kendall, 21:


3. She received this large picture of herself:


4. She gifted a red Mercedes to her grandmother, MJ:


5. She gave her sister's boyfriend, Scott, a watch from Patek Phillipe [it cost around $35K]: 


6. She got personalised Gucci luggage – emblazoned with her initials [Kylie Kristen Jenner]:


 7. There were classic Ford Thunderbirds for her grandmother, MJ, and mother, Kris:



8. She received a Hermes Birkin crocodile bag [value – tens of thousands of dollars]:


9. She received a huge pile of red fox fur:


10. She received these pressies from Tyga – but we don't know what's inside: