So it turns out that Margot Robbie is totally OBSESSED with Hozier

Our favourite Aussie actress, Margot Robbie, has confessed to being a super-fan of our very own Hozier.

The Wolf of Wall Street star spoke to RTÉ TEN recently, where she explained how excited she was at the news of Hozier's involvement in the Tarzan project. 

Hozier signed on to write the theme song for Margot's latest movie The Legend of Tarzan, and she has referred to the Greystones man as "the nicest guy in the whole world".

"When I heard Hozier was doing the song for this I could have died. I am a massive fan of him," the actress said. 

“Funnily enough, it was when we were shooting Tarzan in 2014 that I was absolutely obsessed with his album for the first time."

Margot's Tarzan co-star, and total HUNK, Alexander Skarsgard, said that she used to play Hozier's album on set during filming. 

How cute is that?

The Legend of Tarzan is in cinemas now, and it is ABSOLUTELY brilliant!