Sia says being sober is ‘so awesome’ in emotional Twitter update

Now she leads a clean life, is recently married and hoping to start a family.

But rewind five years and life was not so easy for singer Sia. The Chandelier hitmaker took to Twitter today to celebrate five years of sobriety, urging any of her fans struggling with addiction to stay strong.

"5 years sober today. If you're newly sober, keep at it, it gets so so awesome. YOU CAN DO IT," she wrote to her two million followers.

Notoriously uncomfortable in the spotlight, at the start of her rise to fame Sia turned to alcohol, Xanax, OxyContin and other narcotics to help her relax.

She soon became addicted, and reached her lowest point in 2010 when she came close to ending her life.

The stress of fame, combined with the grief of losing her boyfriend in a tragic car accident, had sent Sia into a spiral of drug and alcohol abuse which she saw no way out of.

Sia admits she wrote a note and left detailed instructions for whoever found it, but underneath it all she did not want to end her life.

"There was a small voice [in me] that wanted to live," she told OK! magazine recently, explaining how a phone call from a friend saved her life.

After that incident, Sia decided to take control of her life, enrolling in a 12-step recovery programme and stepping out of the spotlight.

Now, five years on and with a new approach to fame, the singer is flourishing. She is known for hiding her face at events and in her music videos, something which she says is an attempt to maintain control over at least one part of her life.

"I'm just trying to work out a way to be a singer and to create cool content. I’m willing to do that as an entertainer. But I’m not willing to give up my actual self" she told Interview magazine recently.