Six big weight-loss lies we REALLY need to stop telling ourselves

When it comes to weight loss, we're all guilty of telling a few lies from time to time.

Whether it's the skinny jeans that 'probably shrunk in the wash' or the 'few biscuits' that were more like a full packet, sometimes it's just easier to ignore the truth.

But being unrealistic about your weight loss efforts could be having a long-term negative effect. If the number on the scales is going up and you know it's time to address the reasons why, then the following are a good starting point.

Here are a few of the lies we should all stop telling ourselves if we really want to see weight loss results…

1. "Healthy food is way too pricey for my budget"
Stock up your cupboard with basics like tinned tomatoes, chickpeas, kidney beans, brown rice and seasonings and all you need to do on a weekly basis is to buy whatever fresh items you need. Buying fresh meat, poultry, fish and veg on a weekly basis is FAR cheaper than that regular takeaway habit.


2. "I just hate the taste of healthy food"
If you have memories of being forced to eat broccoli or Brussels Sprouts as a child, it's no surprise you've sworn off veggies. But so much of the taste of food is in how it is prepared. Go for a crunchy Asian broccoli salad rather than a plate of mushy green veg and we guarantee you'll taste the difference. 


3. "I usually skip breakfast, so I can eat what I want later"
A healthy breakfast not only sets you up to stay focused all morning, but it also balances your blood sugar to reduce cravings later on. If you can't stomach much food in the mornings, try something light like eggs, a green juice or some sliced apple and nut butter.


4. "Being overweight runs in my family, so there's nothing I can do"
Yes, in some cases being overweight or obese can have a genetic link. But in many other cases, it's bad eating habits and lack of education about nutrition that have been passed down to you, not genes. 


5. "My appetite is too big for me to eat healthily"
If you find you're hungry ALL the time, the food you're eating is the most likely cause. High-carb, high-sugar meals lead to blood sugar spikes which mean we're craving food again within an hour. Eat meals that are packed veg, fish, lean chicken and turkey and wholemeal grains to stay satisfied for longer.


6. "I do cardio at the gym, that's enough"
Running at the same speed on the treadmill for 30 minutes might burn some fat, but high-intensity training that uses more muscle groups is a far more efficient method. Use your gym time wisely and break up cardio seasons with weight lifting, HIIT training and core work like Pilates and yoga.