Six things we ALL went through when filling out the CAO form


Ah, the dreaded CAO form.

It was an absolute pain in the a*se back in the day, and as young adults, it put the fear in everyone.

Filling out the CAO form meant you were finally leaving behind secondary school (hurrah!), but with that, came the unknown. And that was hella scary.

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Where will you be next year? Will you be living at home? Will you be in the same college as your mates? Will you get your first choice…?

Here are six things we all went through when filling that rotten thing out:

1. It was SO important

You literally thought that this form was the most important thing you'll ever do in your life. Never mind studying… the CAO form was your future.

Three years later you realise it had very little to do with your future…

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2. It went on FOREVER… and ever… and ever

And ever. It might as well have been 768 pages long, and starting it seemed like the most daunting task on earth.

Even more daunting that finishing the rainbow course on Mario Cart.

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You felt pressure from every angle imaginable. Your parents, your teachers, your guidance councellor, your friends. 

And when the pressure hits, it feels like you just can't make a good decision…

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4. Friends first? No?

Even though we were all warned against it, and told it was stupid, we all maybe, might have put down a university that our mates put down.  Just in case… 

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5. People telling you what to do was frustrating AF

'Don't do that course, you'll never get a job', 'Don't put that college down, it's too far away', 'Mary down the road did that course and made no friends…'

Sorry, can I make up my OWN mind, please and thank you?

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6. The relief

After all was said and done, you had a feeling of pure joy when it was all finished and filled out.

And you never wanted to hear the letters 'C, A,O', muttered ever again…

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 Feature Image: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland