Six mistakes we wish men didn’t make in bed!


No matter how good your sex life might be, there’s always room for improvement. Let’s face it, both men and women are guilty of mistakes in the bedroom, and we reckon it’s time to get our acts together!

Here are some of the biggest mistakes men make in the bedroom (for the sake of equality we’ll be covering errors from us ladies too, don’t worry!)

1. Skipping the best part
Now, we admit that in the heat of passion sometimes you just need to rip off your clothes and get to it, but usually, foreplay is required. Not all ladies can have an orgasm from sex alone, so sometimes we need a little extra help. Lads, if you want to get us in the mood, don’t forget the most important bit!

2. Not grooming your man-garden
Look, we have gone through a lot of pain and struggle to get these smooth legs and this very presentable bikini line. Hair removal is pretty much a full-time job for us. So why must you insist on going au naturel down there? A little trim is all we ask… thanks guys!

3. Rushing things
Sex isn’t a chore on our to-do list that should be rushed through as quickly as possible. Unlike dentist’s appointments, doing laundry and hovering, sex is something we actually look forward to and take pleasure in! So why rush it? It’s not a race. There’s no standard length of time that sex should last, we know, but at least give us time to get into the swing of things.

4. Being a tad predictable
We agree that wild acrobatics mightn’t be necessary on a normal Tuesday night, but every so often it’s nice to change things up a little. Just because we enjoy a certain position doesn’t mean we want things the same every single time. Don’t be afraid to try out something new!

5. Forgetting about oral
For most of us, oral sex is a sure fire route to an orgasm. So if you want to please us in bed, don’t neglect it! Many men simply avoid oral sex because they’re not quite sure what to do. We promise, you can’t go too far wrong!

6. Assuming we’re done too
Here are the facts: it’s just not as easy for women to reach orgasm as it is for men. Unless you’ve gone all out to help us along, it was just another “good but not GREAT” event for us. All it takes is a little bit of effort to turn so-so sex into mind-blowing sex.