The 6 hidden gems you need to discover next time you’re in Paris


Thanks to the affordability of flights, Paris has become one of the most popular weekend break cities for Irish people.

And what's not to love? Divine food, beautiful architecture and Renaissance stylings mark the city as one of Europe's most striking.

There are a few tourist traps that everyone falls in to on a Paris trip, but we've rounded up some of the city's hidden gems that you need to visit, away from the typical sight seeing. 

6. Marché Saint-Quentin, 85 bis boulevard Magenta

Paris has many hidden markets, and Saint-Quentin food market is a complete smorgasbord of French food and drink. 

It is the perfect place to find high-quality food items to bring home as gifts, or even to purchase the fine ingredients needed to create your own recipe while visiting. 

The market is covered, so rain or shine, the vendors are there flogging their wares. 


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There are also a number of instant food vendors, who have little seating areas where you can relax and enjoy their tasty treats. 

5. Parc Monceau,  Boulevard de Courcelles

This divine park is one of the city's many beautiful, natural areas.

The park has extensive water features, and is a home to swans and ducks all year round.


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There are amazing houses that surround the park, so if you have a few hours to spend wandering around looking at the glory of Parisian architecture, this would be the place to do it. 

The park also includes a striking colonnade and some beautiful bridges, which date back to the 1700s.

It's a little slice of historic tranquillity in the middle of the bustling city. 

4. L'Ave Maria, Oberkampf

A fashion week favourite of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, L'Ave Maria is renowned for its muted lighting and extensive international menu.

Squirrelled away in Oberkampf, the aqua-painted restaurant plays host to interior design themes from Thailand, Mexico, Pakistan and many more.

The eclectic restaurant is renowned for its delicious menu and generous portions.

And the cocktails are pretty good too!


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The restaurant has picked up in popularity since Gigi and Kendall's visit, but it's still one of the city's most treasured secret eateries. 

3. Jardin du Luxembourg, 75006 Paris

While this park may appear on a few tourist guides, the sheer size of the setting means that you can get lost there without feeling like you're surrounded by clicking cameras. 

Originally built in 1612 for Marie de' Medici, the widow of King Henry IV of France, the gardens are located in the shadow of her palace.


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The gardens are sprinkled activity, as people explore the walk ways and use the facilities such as the tennis courts and climbing frames.

Thanks to the greenery, water features and fountains, the park is stunning all year round. 

The surrounding area is also filled with cute corner cafes and vintage and consignment stores, so there is plenty to see. 

2. La Mangerie, Marais

Hidden away in the Marais, La Mangerie is a popular place for Parisians to dine on tapas.

It's essential to book in advance, but the experience is well worth it.


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When you arrive, prepare to be enthralled by the orange trees growing inside the dining rooms, while vines snake across the ceiling. 

The delicious dishes are designed by French chef Adrian Calvo, who has curated the perfect tapas menu. 

The eclectic eatery has a host of hidden aspects, including a secret passageway!

Upon entering the cafe, you will see a simple brown cupboard standing against the wall.

However, much like the portal to Narnia, the door opens up to reveal a hidden dining room. 

1. The Guerlain Café, Champs-Élysées

Hidden away from the busy Champs-Élysées streets is the Guerlain Café.

While the Guerlain boutique itself may cut an iconic figure on the rue, the underground Cafe is a secret maintained by the natives.

Guerlain is famous for its divine fragrances, and much like perfume testing, this cafe invites guests to sample a range of teas and coffees, each with complimentary, uniquely designed mini-desserts. 

The cafe itself is decked out in marble and pink flowers, and is ideal for a tea break while shopping.


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The full meals in the restaurant are a little on the pricey side given the area, but the teas and desserts are affordable.