Six health and weight loss rules you REALLY can’t break!

Okay, we admit there are definitely a few health rules you can bend to suit you. You won't exactly fall apart if you forget to drink eight glasses of water a day, for example. 

But sadly there are some key pieces of advice that you really can't afford to ignore if you want to stay energised, healthy and in good shape.

Here are six health rules we consider set in stone…

1. Don't skip breakfast
We repeat, don't skip breakfast. You won't have the time to sit down to a leisurely bowl of granola and fresh fuit every morning (or maybe ever), but be prepared by making food ahead the night before, having fruit like bananas and apples you can grab on the go, or buying porridge or other breakfast foods to keep in the office and eat once you get in. Eating a nutritious meal early on in the day is the best way to kickstart your metabolism and optimise calorie-burning.

2. Even healthy foods have to be eaten in moderation
Yes seeds, nuts, fruit and wholegrains are great for you but that doesn't mean you can eat five slices of rye bread in place of a white bread sandwich. Be aware of what a healthy portion size is for each food type and stick to it where possible.

3. Include protein in every meal
Lean chicken, turkey, fish and other protein sources like eggs, nuts and seeds are all essential to a healthy diet and you should aim to include at least one protein packed food in every meal. Unlike fats and carbs, our body cannot store protein although it needs quite a high amount of it to function.

4. Exercise is key
Diet alone isn't enough for a healthy mind and body. Whether you take an afternoon stroll or go for a 10k run, get outside and get moving to keep your mind focused and your body full of energy. If you're trying to lose weight, be aware that you need to burn or cut out around 500 calories a day to lose a pound in a week. So use diet and exercise as your weight loss tag team.

5. Get enough sleep
Yes, we all have busy weeks where sleep just stops being a priority, but keep it up for too long and you'll burn out. Not only that, but you'll be far more likely to give into junk food cravings when your body and mind are tired.

6. Preparation is key
Planning ahead is the best way to meet your health and fitness goals. Whether that means writing up a weekly shopping list and planning your meals, or having your gym gear laid out the night before, the more you prepare, the better chance you're giving yourself.