Six foods that do the weight loss work for you!

If you're trying to drop a few pounds, a simple tip is just to skip the fad diets and stock up on non-processed, wholesome food that'll keep you full and boost your metabolism.

Some foods can even do a bit of the work for you when it comes to losing weight. Here are a few to include in your "Christmas party dress" diet….

1. Mushrooms
These cute little vegetables really pack a nutritional punch – and they help to regulate blood sugar too, meaning your body can maintain a healthy weight more easily and can endure exercise for longer. Forget the Lucozade Sport and cook yourself up some of these bad boys!

2. Eggs
Eggs are a great breakfast option that will leave you feeling full right up until lunch. They're also a great addition to salads for a lunchtime meal that won't have you craving snacks later.

3. Apples
Fibre is the name of the game if you're trying to avoid late afternoon hunger pangs, and apples are full of the stuff! They're also a great energising food to eat first thing in the morning. 

4. Porridge
The slow-release carbohydrates in porridge oats mean you won't be looking for a bar of chocolate or a biccie come 11am. Top your bowl with berries, seeds and nuts for an even healthier morning meal.

5. Almonds
Raw almonds are the dieter's best friend – they're a great quick fix for hunger pangs. Try to limit yourself to a handful – chew them slowly to let your brain register the feeling of fullness.

6. Broccoli
This low-calorie veg is full of fibre, and works great as a substitute for other high-fat side dishes. Swap your chips or mash for broccoli and other cooked veg once or twice a week and you'll soon notice you feel less bloated and more energised.