Singer is accused of photoshop with new photos


Beyoncé has been accused of photoshop at least ten times now – but it seems not even that will stop her!

The superstar shared photos of herself in a bodysuit that read: “99 problems but my a** ain’t one.”

However, it seems one of her problems may be her (or her entourage’s) ability to photoshop in a way nobody will notice – because all of her fans have!

Fans of the singer seem to be disgruntled by the image touches because (according to some) it contradicts the message she is trying to convey: “Beyoncé makes millions of pounds on songs about feminism but continues to photoshop her body to make her look perfect, is why I’m not a fan.”

Others have said that if she wishes to do so, do, but at least do it properly: “like, if Beyoncé wanna photoshop there’s no shame in it but sis HIRE AN EXPERT??”

At this stage, it seems like people will accuse her of photoshop either way – we reckon she looks pretty fab without it but we all have our insecurities!