Singer blasts men ‘too big’ for condoms with hilarious photo

While we all know the importance of a man wearing the correct sized condom, it is essential to know that there IS condom out there for any and every penis size. Some guys need reminding of this!

The next time you hear a guy claim he is ‘too big’ too wear a condom, you need to take a leaf out of this singer’s book.

Zara Larsson, a 17-year-old famous singer from Sweden, shared a hilarious photo on her Instagram account that instantly put all those men in their place. Writing: “To all the guys saying “my dick is too big for condoms” TAKE A SEAT”, the singer shared a photo of a condom put over her foot and pulled halfway up her leg. Brilliant!


To all the guys saying "my dick is too big for condoms" TAKE A SEAT

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And if any guy tries to refute this claim? You may want to bring him to the doctor’s office instead…