Singapore’s amazing sky garden will make your backyard look pitiful


If you fancy visiting a hotel with a bit of a difference, you should definitely put Singapore’s Park Royal hotel on your to-do list.

The hotel, which was designed by WOHA architects, features not one but six sky gardens that will leave you in awe of the designers.

The green areas wrap around the hotel’s glassy exterior and guests are even treated to tropical gardens right outside their windows.

The gardens not only feature 15,000 square metres of reflecting pools, waterfalls, planters, outdoor hallways poolside bird cages and greenery, but it is also pretty good at energy and water conservation.

It was designed as a sustainable project and even has a zero-energy sky garden; not surprisingly, it has won more than 12 awards for its design and sustainability.

Unfortunately, the hotel which cost $350million to build  doesn’t come cheap and rooms start from about €230.