Simple test to help diagnose breast cancer

Hopefully, most of us ladies, if not all, are pretty religious on checking our body for any lumps and bumps.

When it comes to fighting breast cancer the most effective method is early detection, which is why we must do a proper breast exam regularly.

However, there may be a way to predict the chances of getting non-inherited breast cancer.

According to doctors, a blood test may be able to determine if a woman has a higher chance of getting breast cancer, even if they don’t have the genes.

The scientists who discovered this have identified a “switch” in blood that increases a woman’s chances of developing the disease.

Senior research officer at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Dr Matthew Lam,  believes “this could mean that in the future a woman may be able to have a simple blood test to look for this DNA signature, and therefore know if she is at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.”

“If she does have this signature, she could then work with her doctor to explore the options available to help her take control of her own risk. These could include lifestyle changes, tailored breast screening, risk-reducing drugs or surgery.”

Sounds pretty awesome to us.