Signs you’ve entered the relationship comfort zone

You’ve been together for quite a while now and here are the sure signs that the pair of you have officially entered the relationship comfort zone.

He’s there for you
You’ve run out of tampons and it’s no big deal to ask him to pop into the shop and grab a box. Now, that’s what we call a real man.

You can be open with him
You can have honest conversations with him about anything and never need to worry it will end in a relationship breakdown.

Your friends are his friends
The awkward scenarios between your boyfriend and your friends are finally gone. In fact, your girlfriends already consider him a part of the gang.

Don’t have to dress up
You can go around make-up free and in your tracksuit bottoms and he would still find you as attractive as ever.

Your part of his family
It’s gotten to the stage where his parents know it’s better to contact you about their son than actually attempt to get in touch with him themselves.