Signs that you might be the housemate from hell!


We all live in the delusion that things might be going well at home, but little do we know that we could be in fact the irritating housemate that everyone is complaining about. Here are few signs that maybe you should take your other housemates’ feelings into consideration:

You’re messy
Ever wonder where those dirty dishes disappear to? It’s not by magic, the sad reality is that your housemates are probably cleaning up after you and aren’t happy about it either.

Drink straight from the carton
It wasn’t even your milk in the first place!

You move your boyfriend in without asking
Oh, we all had a housemate like that. Yes, you are entitled to a love life, but perhaps it’s a good idea to give some consideration to the people you actually live with, instead of just focusing on your own needs.

Short on rent
You somehow have no problem showing off that new pair of shoes that you just bought, but might be a little late on this month’s rent.

Won’t buy utilities
Toilet roll does not appear by magic and neither does fairy liquid or any other necessary house utilities. You need to buy your share as well.

Never take out the bins
Yes, it’s disgusting but the bin is probably full of all your rubbish in the first place. So, unfortunately you do need take out the rubbish every once in a while.

If you fit into any of these categories, it’s probably time to do your share of housework and grovel for your housemates’ forgiveness.