‘She’s ruining people’s lives!’ Audrina talks being ‘catfished’

Audrina Patridge, former star of the MTV reality series The Hills, has admitted that she is being impersonated by someone online, and she is not happy about it. 

In an interview with HuffPost Live the 30-year old was informed by a fan that he had spoken to her online previosuly. He said that she had contacted him on Facebook. However, as Audrina was quick to point out, that wasn't her. Someone online is impersonating the star and contacting her vans through social media. 

The First Look host explained that this is not the first time this has happened to her and wanted to elaborate on the online nightmare further. 

“She knows everything. My address… she pretends to be my parents, my siblings, my friends from high school. She knows everything.”

She added that: “Whoever that girl is, she’s ruining people’s lives." 

The fake Audrina has contacted a number of male fans and explained that one even believed that they were going to be walking down the aisle. A man from Texas supposedly drove to the home of Audrina's parents because he thought they were getting married. 

“I was in New York filming, and my dad answered the door and was like, ’Who are you? Why are you here?'” 

Audrina explained that the 'Catfish' activities don't stop at fake marriage proposals and wedding plans, she explained that they have begun to have an effect on her professional life too. 

The Catfish has started to contact charities around the country and sign Audrina up for commitments that she knows nothing about and could not fulfill. Audrina has even tried to reach out to the individual personally and ask her to stop, but it hasn't worked. 

After getting the person's phone number from a 'friend of a friend', Audrina called and tried to reason with her. It didn't work out, and the TV star is still living with an online impersonator. 

Well, we will be reconsidering that friend request then.