Sexy! Find out which star was caught shaking her booty in public!


We've all been that soldier on a night out. A couple of drinks in, that epic Rihanna tune comes on and now seems like the best time in the world to show off those fabulous dancing skills you’ve been hiding.

It’s all well and good until the next day when you see a delightful video has been tagged on Facebook. Is that me?! No. It can’t be! NO!!!

We’re sure Reese Witherspoon had a similar reaction when she saw the video posted online of her throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor in Capri, Italy. The actress was filmed rocking out big time to I Will Survive with not a care in the world, and what looks a glass of champagne in hand.

She’s no Beyoncé when it comes to dancing talents, we'll admit, but the star definitely looks like she’s having an amazing night. We salute you and your slightly mental moves, Reese!