Seven things to remember to bring on a first date


First dates are nerve wracking, which can play havoc with your ability to remember the most basic things. If you’re meeting some handsome man for the first time this weekend, and you’re feeling like you’re going to forget something in the midst of the excitement, don’t worry. We’ve done the thinking for you! Here are five things you need to make sure you have in your bag when you head out the door:

Your ID
Can you imagine arriving at the bar with your date and being refused because they think you’re under 18? Avoid this situation, and just bring your ID!

Us ladies can’t expect men to pay for us all the time anymore. Have some cash on you – who knows, you might need it to make a break for it in a taxi!

Lip balm
Because if you’re nervous, your lips and mouth may dry up, and you don’t want to spend all night licking them. That just looks kind of weird.

Just incase you think you need a top up during the night, better safe than sorry!

Your phone
Imagine you forgot your phone, and couldn’t fake a phone call from a friend telling you that you had to get home NOW in a bid to escape an awful date? Do not forget this one!

Deodorant and perfume
If you had to run for the bus, or you’re just sweating from the nerves, you may find yourself in need of a quick spritz.

So you have nice, fresh breath for the goodnight kiss, obviously!