The seven stages of emotion when you didn’t get Ed Sheeran tickets

The entire country held it's breath as 10am approached, and hundreds of thousands of Ticketmaster tabs were opened in the hopes of getting tickets to the most hotly anticipated gig of the year.

You LOL-ed at the hardcore zealots queuing up in the rain over night for tickets, "sure have they no internet or something?" you thought.

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And now you are ticket-less, having joined the throng of thousands of online buyers who failed to get through to Ticketmaster before the gig sold out.

Tragedy has struck and you are still raging from the emotional roller coaster. 

1. Hope

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The stomach churning moments up to 10am have passed, and you are finally being held in the ticket queue. 

You haven't been this nervous since getting your Leaving Cert results, and though you say "I know I haven't a hope of getting them," you are secretly clinging to an intense, hopeful yearning.

It's like the lotto right? It could be you. 

2. False hope

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OH MY GOD you're through. 

Okay, time to choose your preferred seating and number of tickets. 

Fingers, toes, and everything else remains crossed.

3. Denial

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"Sorry, there are no tickets of this type available."

Cue manic laughter as you frantically refresh the page, change your preference to tiered seating and think "someone might have let their tickets go when they saw the bloody price, it's possible right? Right?"

4. Despair

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"Why have you forsaken me cruel world?"

"What have I done to deserve this cosmic ridicule? Am I not a good and kind person, a contributing member of society who deserves to see Ed live?"

5. Anger

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At this point you've Snapchatted your friends, who are possibly still stuck in the despair tier of emotion, a picture of the sold out gig on Ticketmaster and you are RAGING.

"Why didn't I queue up in the lashing rain at 2am like I told myself I should have?"

6. Anger at Ed

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Like, hello Ed Sheeran? 

You know you are beloved in Ireland and you teased us mercilessly since your return with your Irish-themed album.

There's even a song called Galway Girl for crying out loud, you should have know that you would have sold out a full week of gigs never mind two poxy nights in the 3 Arena. 

7. Acceptance

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Even though we all know you're lying you yourself and everyone else, saying that you don't care that you didn't get tickets to the gig of the year can help soften the sting.

And you'll see it all on Snapchat, right?