Seven arguments we all had with our mothers at some point


There are some arguments we have had with our mothers that are just a common issue worldwide. So it wasn't just your parents that were "annoying" and "unfair", maybe we were the problem? Dear god no, we take it back. Here are seven teenage arguments we are all familiar with. 

1. When you didn't call them late at night and when you did they complained 
We presumed they were in bed, we were thinking of their feelings while struggling to find a lift home at 3am. We are just so kind.

2. "Do you want help?" "No…I always have to do EVERYTHING around here."
Wait, what? That makes absolutely no sense. Just don't respond until she calms down…

3. "That dress is a bit low?"
Yes mother, it's a plunge dress. Teenage motto: If you've got it, flaunt it.

4. When they dragged you to places you didn't want to go to
Free pizza is the only positive here.

5. Asking for advice and then getting a life lecture
"Look mum, I know I shouldnt have shifted him but I didnt want your advice on that, I'm just wondering how you get a restraining order?"

6. When you said "But mum, everyone is going…" and she still wouldn't let you
And then you thought your life was over, but in fact, in two days when the Insta pics calm down you'd be over it. 

7. When you shouted at her for saying your friend gave off a bad vibe
Aaaaaand she was right. As usual.