Seriously lads? Dublin’s canals left in shocking state after warm spell


Ireland was treated to plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures this weekend. The public made the most of the sunshine by spending time in the park, at the beach, and numerous people spend hours on the canal banks.

However, images have recently emerged online showing the shocking state the canal banks were left in.

Twitter user @DJDeece wrote, “The absolute STATE of the canal. What is wrong with people? Either put your rubbish in a bin or bring it with you.”

The shocking images show the heavily littered canal banks, which were cleaned up by the local community and Councillor Claire Byrne.

Speaking of the extreme state of the canal banks, Claire Byrne stated, “People need to be a bit more responsible and just take all their rubbish home with them.”

She believes that the city needs to provide more bins to deal with the excessive crowds, “I think it needs to be a combination of both, but I think as a city we need to be providing more infrastructure, and probably larger bins and more of them during the summer months.”

She stressed that the public needs to make a bigger effort to clean up after themselves, “People need to be a little bit more responsible – take their stuff home – and perhaps we need to do a bit more of an awareness campaign around that."