Rosanna Davison wants people to stop asking about baby plans


Mum-of-three Rosanna Davison is living her dream family-life after welcoming the birth of her twin boys, Hugo and Oscar three months ago, becoming the perfect baby brothers for her one-year-old toddler Sophia.

However, the road to motherhood was far from easy for the former Miss World winner, who endured a heartbreaking 14 miscarriages, before welcoming the birth of Sophia in 2019 via gestational surrogate.

Since Rosanna and her businessman husband Wes Quirke have been trying to start a family for such a long time, the 36-year-old has truly heard it all from well-meaning people who tended to ask the wrong questions.

Now Rosanna has taken to social media to encourage others to be a lot more mindful the next time they ask someone about their baby plans. “The next time you’re going to ask someone when they’re going to have kids — DON’T,” her recent Instagram post read.

“Just don’t. There were so many times after we got married that I was asked by well-meaning friends and family when we planned to have a baby, as if it’s as easy as ordering off a menu,” Rosanna added, recalling those challenging times before her children were born.

“I would just smile and say that I was too busy with work to even think about it, when in reality I was absolutely heartbroken inside that I couldn’t hang onto a pregnancy and no amount of medication could fix my ‘broken’ body.”

“A simple question can break a person because you never really know what difficulties they face behind closed doors,” Rosanna warned.

Since sharing this enlightening post, Rosanna’s social media page has been flooded with comments from other women who have also been through something similar.

“Hear hear. Someone once asked me ‘when I was going to give that man a baby’ when I had our 11th baby with no heartbeat inside me,” one follower wrote.

“I’m in the same boat now with ‘when are you going to have #3’ even after 3 back to back miscarriages last year,” another added.

“Just experienced my 3rd miscarriage and those who have never struggled to have or carry children don’t understand the heartache in that question,” a third follower commented.

“I'm starting meds for my third embryo transfer tomorrow,” another wrote, adding, “We have an 11 year old little girl and honestly the amount of times I get asked when we'll give her a sibling is just cruel!”

Rosanna is currently writing an uplifting memoir all about her heartbreaking fertility struggles followed by her unexpected journey to motherhood, which is sure to be a true inspiration for all of her fans.