Rory McIlroy and TRUMP played golf together & everyone is p*ssed


All the fecking lols.

Rory McIlroy decided to take some time our of his, er… downtime, to play a round of golf with controversial president Donald Trump.

The Irish golfer has been out of the game recently after suffering a stress fracture to the ribs – but didn't say no when good 'ol Donnie asked him out.

According to a website called No Laying Up, Rory rode around in a golf cart for the day, and said that the POTUS isn't too bad a golfer for a man of his age.

"He probably shot around 80. He's a decent player for a guy in his 70s."

Of course, Rory's fans were livid on social media, and didn't hide it, either:

What did you get yourself into, Rory?!