Rock star’s unbelievable ten year secret has FINALLY been revealed!


Vocalist for American rock duo The White Stripes, Jack White, did something ten years ago that is only coming to light now and it is pretty epic!

Before hitting the big time, Jack worked as a furniture upholster, but continuously pursued his interest in music by writing and recording in his spare time.

The 39-year-old musician recorded a single with his fellow upholster and mentor Brian Muldoon under the name The Upholsters and then hid some of them inside pieces of furniture in 2004. And two have only just been discovered!

In an effort to celebrate his friend and mentor’s time in the upholstery trade, the quirky singer/songwriter actually stitched 100 copies of their track, Your Furniture Was Always Dead… I Was Just Afraid to Tell You, inside an assortment of furniture they were working on at the time. Jack, however, was understandably uncertain as to whether they would ever be discovered!

Well, the little prankster doesn’t have to wonder anymore because Third Man Records has released a statement, saying: “Recently Third Man Records has been made aware of the discovery of two different copies found by two separate individuals of the 2nd single by The Upholsterers.”

So now there’s only NINETY EIGHT left to discover!

Ooh, that man loves to keep us on our toes!